Representing More than 50 Years of the Thai Dairy Industry

In 1962, Thailand’s Ministry of Agriculture and Co-Operatives General Surajit Charusreni realized that while Thai farmers were producing thousands of tons of raw milk every year, there was as yet no Thai company producing dairy products for the home market. In response, he negotiated with a group of Thai and Malaysianbusinessmen, and the Australian Dairy Product Board with the aim of establishing ‘The Thai Dairy Industry Co., Ltd. (TDI)’ – The first Thai dairy company.

The company mission has been to process local raw materials into dairy products that Thai people would love. Since that time, the now wholly Thai owned TDI has made substantial investments in dairy farming promotion, production technology, and product development, while simultaneously expanding its line of products and brands to suit the growing needs of consumers. Today, over 50 years since its establishment, the company still adheres to its founding precepts of offering the best-quality, nutritious dairy products to consumers in Thailand and overseas.

The Thai Dairy Industry Co., Ltd. has continually developed new and high-quality products that have become popular and much-loved throughout the years.


1962 The Thai Dairy Industry Co., Ltd. Founded
1965 ‘Mali’ Sweetened Condensed Milk
1971 ‘Orchid’ Pure Creamy Butter (Salted and Unsalted)
1972 ‘Mali’ Unsweetened Condensed Milk
1980 ‘Mali’ UHT Milk 250 ml (Later in 200 ml and 1,000 ml Sizes)
1985 ‘Mali’ Instant Full Cream Milk Powder (400 gm, 900 gm, and 2,500 gm.)
1988 ‘Hawaii’ Ready-to-Use UHT Coconut Cream in Cardboard Boxes and in Cans a Year Later
1989 ‘Orchid’ Fresh Milk, Sterilized, and Pasteurized
1990 ‘Orchid’ Fresh Milk, Sterilized, and Pasteurized
1991 ‘Mali Junior’ UHT Milk
1992 ‘Orchid’ UHT Chocco Malt Drink
1994 ‘Yoplait’ and ‘Yopi’ Yoghurt Drink
2002 ‘Birdwings’ Sweetened Condensed Non-Dairy Creamer ‘Lily’ Mixed Fat Butter
2004 ‘Mali’ UHT Thai Iced Tea, Iced Coffee, and Iced Green Tea ‘Orchid’ Milk Product for Cooking and Baking
2005 ‘Mali’ Sweetened Condensed Milk in Tetra Brik
2006 ‘Mali’ Sterilized Milk
2007 ‘Mali’ Unsweetened Condensed Milk in Tetra Brik
2008 ‘Pims’ Magarine and Shortening
2009 ‘Mali’ Drinking Water
2010 ‘Mali’ Coffee Creamer
2016 ‘Mali’ Professional